Digestion walk

When I was little and my Grandpa Nielsen would come visit us in Chicago, he would religiously go for an after-dinner walk around the neighborhood. I’ve started doing this more often myself (weather permitting), because it gets me away from the food and changes my thought patterns (which typically surround food). And I’d like to think it aids in digestion while burning a few extra calories. Lucy isn’t complaining either…. Anyway, tonight’s walk was just beautiful; a relatively warm sunset in the Laurelhurst neighborhood. So peaceful.

And good news! I made it through a lift class and a spin class back-to-back this afternoon. Oddly enough the thought of quitting or dying never crossed my mind. Neat!

The bad news: I’ve been a non-stop snack machine today. All healthy, but still….

OK, here’s my new favorite ingredient:

Beer mustard! I sauteed it into both my lunch and dinner today.

Dinner: Chopped chicken sausage, onion, broccoli and garlic sauteed in broth and mustard… over spinach. EASY. LIGHT. TASTY. MAKE THIS.

Solo dinner on Amanda’s patio:


2 thoughts on “Digestion walk

  1. did you find that mustard in amanda’s fridge? because i think it used to be mine before i gifted it to her while moving. if so, i’m happy it has found someone to appreciate it! and i’m happy that another sort term resident of Hausterhaus is appreciating the wonderful accommodations they provide. miss you Kelly!

    • Nope! Got it at the Blue Heron Cheese Factory in Tillamook… have you been? It’s amazing with a million samples of mustards, dips, cheeses, jams, etc…. An obvious field trip when you move back xoxo

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