Wednesday Weigh-in

Down 1.2! Not complaining; it is moving week, after all. Sometime during the beginning of May I set a goal not to gain weight during the visitor/travel/work/moving mania. And then for some crazy reason, I set a goal about two weeks ago to lose four pounds before the Midwest trip. Why did I do that?! Silly me! I’m happy to have just maintained this month… I feel like I’ve taken good care of myself and gotten stronger physically, and mentally, in the process.

And yes, I did go to the 5:30am Lifting class this morning. I’ll just say I’m glad that’s over and leave it at that.

The hardest part about Wednesdays? Eating so lightly and then ending up FAMISHED after weigh-in. For some reason thinking rationally about dinner is nearly impossible for me on a normal day, let alone when I’m actually hungry.

While I didn’t cook anything elaborate tonight, I’m pretty happy with the choice I made. The entire meal under 500 calories! And lots of fiber, too, without a lot of carbs.

Start with a prepackaged veggie Indian entree from Whole Foods, some broccoli and fennel:

Chop veggies and saute with garlic and wine (or broth):

Mix the veggies with the Indian, serve with hot sauce:

I know it’s not super duper awesome homemade greatness, but it was filling and healthy… and is just what I need to dance myself crazy at MGMT tonight!

Ok, time to pull myself together and go downtown. Cheers!


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