Yes, I made another salad…

…but this time Sara told me to! Greens, toasted walnuts, pears and balsamic.

Although it was too rainy to test out the new patio furniture (the impetus for this dinner party), Sara did provide a very healthy meal of salmon patties (with pineapple chutney) and risotto cakes. Dessert? Yogurt parfaits with cinnamon.


Workout today: Spin class with Anna! We even started 20 minutes early… nearly 80 minutes on the bike… getting ready for the Bridge Pedal!! (Registration opes tomorrow if any of you want to join 🙂 )

Commitment: 5:30am lifting class tomorrow. Eeeeeek.

(I did not fair so well with last night’s commitment to stop eating. I ate half a watermelon after the gym.)


One thought on “Yes, I made another salad…

  1. If you’re going to overindulge…watermelon sounds like the best thing to do it on! You’re doing awesome!!! I printed out your recipe for the mint/pesto stuffed chicken and it’s sitting on my counter waiting to be made!

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