love your brain.

No pics today… too nutty to even think about a camera.

Lunch: Tacos
Dinner: Eggs and Kale

Nothing out of the ordinary… pretty standard Tuesday fare. I’m definitely expecting good things at WW tomorrow!! Even with the non-stop bustle today, I managed to squeak out some sweaty gym time after work and before the seat belt safety class I had to attend tonight.

Between the real footage of someone getting run over by a car, images of brain matter and an insane amount of other equally disturbing visual examples of the perils of walking, skateboarding, snowboarding, biking, and driving without certain protections, I think it’s safe to say that I’ll wear my seat belt ALL of the time from now on (even when I’m driving three blocks between Starbucks and high school). The same goes for helmet usage. It’s your brain! Love it!

Gratitude moment of the day: We are alive. Enough said.


9 thoughts on “love your brain.

  1. Remember when you picked me up from my alcohol assesment downtown minneapolis? Doesn’t your car beep at you if you don’t buckle up? Nice feature, listen to it. Good luck tonight. Call me. Loves

    • you can’t hear the beeping when the radio is blasting and the windows are down and you’re holding coffee and trying to find your cell phone… all while driving 🙂 i deserved it. i was a mess that day.

    • yup. driving three blocks between starbucks and high school. apparently these too-busy-for-seat-belt moments are some of the most dangerous. now i’m terrified to leave the house; awesome.

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