Moving Out Tomato Sauce

Directions for this sauce: Clean out your freezer and throw as much as you can into a big pot with wine, garlic and any spices you enjoy.

My sauce: Frozen tomatoes, squash and zucchini from last year’s Farm harvest, kalamata olives, very old boozey cider from the back of the fridge, fresh onion and garlic, fresh and frozen sage, chives, dried tarragon, oregano, salt, pepper…… and on and on. Cooked on low for a long time.

Served the sauce on top Shirataki noodles (low carb tofu noodles… 0 WW points!) with a portobello mushroom sauteed in balsamic:

Maybe 3 or 4 points for this entire bowl:

I feel pretty good about the day; lots of snacking, but I was pretty busy. Lifting/step class at the gym at 9am, long dog walk, packing/moving and some bike riding for activity… not bad. I really credit the exercise for my sanity right now… I don’t feel stressed or anxious at all about moving (vagabond-style) and traveling right at the end of the school year. Thank you to Mark and Amanda for taking us in!


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