Wednesday Weigh-in

Lost two pounds this week! I’m at my lowest weight yet… super score! My goal is to lose 4 more pounds by the time I get to Wisconsin in June. Seems pretty doable… especially with the new workout dvds Erin just sent me. Two more of Jillian Michaels! LOVE them! I was so excited that I actually did both of them today.

Together they actually make an amazing workout. The “No More Trouble Zones” dvd uses hand weights in a circuit training format, and the other is also circuit style but focuses on cardio, plyometrics (jump training), and boxing. It takes forever to do both of them, but I’m glad to have them, especially for travel days. THANK YOU ERIN!!

Ok, off to Anna’s for tacos!


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh-in

  1. You do BOTH of these in ONE day?!??!!? jesus! I can barely make it thru one! well, i CAN do one…but two??? not a chance. My knees would fold out from under me and my ass would jellify. just one more way to exemplify what an amazing drive you have and to how well your body has responded to all this excerise… i need you to live across the street from me. Please?!?!?! xoxo

  2. Congrats lady! I have been so wrapped up in ‘me’ I forgot to ask how your weigh-in went. Glad you rocked it all-star style. Cant wait till you get here!!! Love you so much.

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