Black lab for sale

Kidding. Maybe.

It started beautifully… I did some research, found a 3 mile hike with a mountain view (although it was covered today) through wildflower fields, hit the trail with Lucy and enjoyed all of the picturesque moments the Gorge is known for. Look at the happiness:

The pleasantries were crushed on our way back down when Lucy sees cows, plows through the barbed wire fence, and comes back looking like this:

My only option was to clean her off in a MUD puddle, throw her in the back of the wagon and race down the mountain so I could promptly throw her in the Columbia River. Bah!

Today’s food: Apples, bananas, almond butter, yogurt, string cheese, and now I’m heading for a glass of wine. I deserve it.


5 thoughts on “Black lab for sale

  1. Amazing. My coworker had a very cute reaction to that picture. Hope Lucy and your car are smelling better today. Shit show!

  2. Hahaha, I’m STILL laughing out loud! Lucy looks so innocent in the first picture, and so ashamed of herself in the last one 😉

  3. OH MY!!!! No wonder she slept in the car on the way home!!! She probably didn’t want to push her luck any further!!! I LOVE LUCY!!!

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