Today was overwhelmingly perfect. It started early with Sarah B and a long bike trip up to Kelly Point (where the Willamette and Columbia rivers meet). This girl biked all over Cuba by herself, and now she builds wooden bikes, so it was pretty spectacular that she requested my company for this trip. We figured 15ish miles round trip plus an hour hike through the park.


Baby ducks on our way back:

Knowing that I’d have to avoid Gabe’s farm bread and beer today, I made a quick power lunch before heading to Stringtown. Two poached eggs (I have a new contraption for these… wow they’re amazing) on another bed of spicy kale. I’m afraid I’m addicted to kale:

Did you know that crimson clover is an actual plant? I didn’t until I got out to Forest Grove this afternoon… the whole area is doused in this vibrant red ground cover. We took a hike to our nearby crimson field. Stunning.

White spider in white flower, for Liam:

I know promised to go to the gym everyday until weigh-in, but I’m confident I got a better workout being outside today than I ever would have inside 24 Hour Fitness. Heading there early tomorrow, though, for a 9am lifting class. Woop!


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