Carb reduction

Today is my first day of limiting my carb intake, and it’s going really well. (One month until wedding season… gotta rock these dresses!) I’m not going extreme with this, just trying to cut back on the breads. (I’ve been dreaming about bread and pasta lately… no joke.) I got my fix at Amanda’s birthday sushi dinner last night, so I think I’m all set for a few weeks. Check out this carb party:

And the low fat, vegan chocolate glazed cake I made her out of Veganomicon; kind of impressed myself on this:

Happy twentyniner to you, lovely lady!

Prior to dinner last night, I conquered level three AND two of Jillian’s Shred. Woweeee! And later tonight I’m going to burn some of the cals off at a Chrisanthi spin class. After that it’s homework time…. excitement.

I probably won’t eat much for dinner (WW tomorrow), but stay tuned for some new low-carb recipes. I’m thinking pea-mint soup soon…….


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