Jillian to the rescue

Where would I be without Jillian Michaels and her dumb 30 Day Shred? Yesterday I kicked it through level two and one in the hotel room. Today Missy and I rocked level three. Sore gluteus maximus!! In addition to the Shred, Keri, Erin and I have been doing a crazy amount of hiking and walking. Yesterday we climbed around Cape Perpetua and the Oregon Coast hiking trail, and today we explored more coast and city via foot. Visitors always remind me how much I love this place and this life I have here. Oh, gratitude.

We just got back from the Lebanese feast that is Nicholas’ restaurant. Holy pita party. Seriously, check this out:

More from the weekend…….

My new hat!

Right after Keri fell on a completely flat road and gashed open her knee:

Dylan, our beach dog:

And finally, Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama! One month until we reunite. Love.


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