Yachats. Ya-hots.

After days and days and DAYS of wind, rain and cold, it’s finally sunny and warm in Oregon! And we’re at the coast to celebrate! We scored an ocean-view-pet-friendly room in Yachats and spent the evening exploring the beaches here and in Florence. We had gourmet pizza at a place I’ve been wanting to try (the sister restaurant to my favorite Waterfront Depot), and I ate WAY too much. Even the hotel gym workout from earlier can’t combat the four slices I forced down. Painful. (BTW, we had ice cream BEFORE dinner.)

Sister love in Florence:

Greek slice and veggie slice at RestoBar:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mama today! I looooooove you!


One thought on “Yachats. Ya-hots.

  1. You helped to make my bday very specail! I forgot to mention how much I will enjoy rotating coffees! That chocolate coffee you sent sounds delich! This pizza looks HEALTHY! I hope you won’t have too much trouble getting back on track;-) I KNOW from experience how easy it is to fall off the wagon and have trouble getting straight again. LOVESLOVESLOVES!!!

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