Mental victory

Chrisanthi’s spin class this morning required intense concentration: 6 min @ 85 rpms, 6 min @ 90 rpms, 6 min at 95 rpms. That’s 18 straight minutes of crazy fast cycling, and the rest of the class was no picnic either. I certainly felt a sense of accomplishment when I left… getting ready for the Bridge Pedal in August! Although I do see a pair of padded bike shorts in my future.

Tasty lunch today! It was time to use up some of the random food in the fridge… Chopped salad time!

Chop this: Cabbage, scallions, blanched broccoli, leftover chicken, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, pita bread, and anything else you can think of. Dress with lemon juice, hot sauce, olive oil and salt and pepper.


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