A Weight Watchers miracle

I went in expecting a five pound gain but was only up 1.8!! Gaining weight should not elicit such enthusiasm, but you’d be excited too if you’d just eaten a hole through Vancouver and Bellingham. This should be pretty easy to rebound from, physically and mentally.

Today was spectacular: A great solo workout at the gym, fun work day and then dinner at Sara’s. She has chickens and we ate their eggs. Pretty sure I’m hooked on the farm freshies now.

Ingredients for pita sandwiches (Sara’s pic):

Sweet treat: Yogurt, blackberries, cinnamon

Thanks for feeding me, gal!


2 thoughts on “A Weight Watchers miracle

  1. That pita looks amazing! I never wanted chickens, but my neighbor has them and they share their eggs. Sometimes when I’m out of eggs, and they’re not home, I just poke my head into the coop and take a few. SO good!

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