Vancity to B’ham

At one point this blog was supposed to encourage healthy living through smart cooking and exercise. Currently it has more of a “look-at-how-much-food-I-can-eat-in-different-towns” theme going on. Not the healthiest. This Pacific NW food tour has left me feeling sluggish, full and exhausted… good thing it ends tomorrow!

We got back to B’ham this afternoon, and I immediately went to the gym. I’ve actually had a fairly active day, but my belly is still stuffed with Chinese soup dumplings (I’ve been on a mission for these for six years), tapas and BBQ pork. The most unique thing I tasted today: A double scoop of spicy mango gelato and red rice coconut gelato. Thanks for the hospitality, Chinatown!

The first time I had soup dumplings was in NYC’s Chinatown many years ago. After some major searching, I found only one place in Vancouver that serves them (and none in Portland):

@ Lin’s on West Broadway and Granville:

Scallops and white bean puree with truffle oil at Flats Tapas in B’ham:

Weigh-in should be a real treat this week.


4 thoughts on “Vancity to B’ham

  1. Go easy on yourself this week! You deserve a treat yourself once in awhile…you’ll get back on track when you get back to your “normal” routine!

  2. I am drooling at my computer looking at those scallops and white bean puree. With a glass of pinot. Yum. Too bad it’s only 11am on a Tuesday morning!

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