Canuck territory

We made it! Our trip into Vancouver was relatively uneventful, putting us in Chinatown at a lovely hostel in a private room with a tv and internet. Super score.

Once we recovered from the touristy sports bar near the Canucks stadium (our first stop), we sloshed through the rain to Gastown where we tasted some amazing bites and drinks.

At Revel, braised short ribs, cornbread and green beans:

The kids at Revel pointed us toward the Diamond, a beautiful second-story Asian-inspired spot overlooking Maple Leaf Square and serving craft cocktails. We should all considered a family field trip to Vancouver just for this place. Cheap eats/strong drinks!

Soba noodles with duck (super spicy):

View from our table of Maple Tree Square:

@ Radha’s, a yoga/eatery across the street from our hostel… we had a raw brownie parfait (omg) and housemade chai for our final stop. I want to eat their entire menu before I leave. Wish me luck! Beautiful place, beautiful food:

No workout today, only mild walking (soooo rainy!) I’m committed to breaking a sweat tomorrow… keep ya posted!


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