Homestyle food on the road

Juanita and Brenden are quickly becoming amazing food and family friends of mine. This trip through they fed me homebaked macaroni casserole and fancy-chocolate pudding. Seattle never tasted so good… We capped the night with some wild Scrabble that surely would have ended differently had I been score keeper.

Casserole recipe from the Joy of Cooking (a book I’m going to order immediately):

Between the pudding and the Scrabble wine, I was definitely over points… too bad it’s not the thought that counts:

This morning I went to the Seattle gym (35 minutes elliptical/push-ups/crunches) and roamed Pikes Market with Bree… I say this a lot, but that place just makes me so so happy. Food, flowers, samples, coffee, sweet treats, musicians, and crazy people all over the place. Love.

We’re about to meet my boss and coworker for dinner… fun fun! On to Bellingham tomorrow!!!


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