Greetings from the Stayton Library parking lot!

A big part of my job is creeping through small towns trying to find wireless internet. When in doubt, check the library. This library has yet to open, so I’m sitting in my car and blogging and procrastinating on homework before my next presentation.

The good: I refuse to eat out today and have lots of goodies packed – 2 apples, a banana, yogurt and some oats… this should get me through until I get home and can slam a black bean burger. I WILL KEEP TRACK OF POINTS TODAY! I FEEL AMAZING!!

Remember the Korean Rice Bowl I told you about? SO. GOOD. The recipe calls for this sesame chili salt that is made with a mortar and pestle… the perfect finish!

Dinner for five:

Click here for the recipe

Dinner with Juanita’s family in Seattle tonight! She mentioned something about casserole…….. !!!!


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