Power Sculpt

I took the Breezemeister to a seriously insane Power Sculpt class this afternoon… I forced her to keep going when she wanted to walk out halfway through. She’ll thank me later…

So we altered our dinner plans last night and went to clarklewis instead. It’s a spacious warehouse-y type fine dining spot in the industrial area in SE Portland. I’m still fantasizing about all four course we indulged in. Tasty morsels included duck, Rouge Creamery salad dressing, morel mushroom, homemade pasta and halibut. Some of my favorite foods.

Tonight I mixed up some SuperDuperSpeedy Shrimp Tacos:

Do this: Saute chopped shrimp in salsa until cooked. In a mixing bowl stir together sliced cabbage, sour cream and salsa (add lime and cilantro if you like). Place shrimp on tortillas. Place cabbage slaw on shrimp. Place sliced avocado and chopped cilantro on top for garnish.

Off to dance to Trampled by Turtles all night long! Then a big hike tomorrow. Best weather ever this weekend!


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