Pupus for Anna

Where to start?

We’ve been eating so well around here! (Points? What points?!) I still haven’t missed a day at the gym, so I’m hoping that’s enough to keep me in some sort of weight-related equilibrium. Doubtful though.

Last night we threw Anna a pupu (i.e. appetizers, tapas) party for her 29th birthday. As you may expect, everyone performed in serious foodie fashion. My mom made our contribution (I didn’t make a single thing on this spread): Ricotta stuffed strawberries and mini carrot cakes. Other items: Inari (rice stuffed tofu pockets), bacon wrapped dates, guac/chips, crab ceviche, feta-lemon veggie salad, and strawberry/goat cheese baguettes, all paired with an assortment of wine, beer and sake cocktails.

Lily Bean:

This morning we got up for the opening bell of the PSU Farmer’s Market. My happy place; major love.

Personalized drip coffee:

From Via Chicago, personalized deep dish breakfast pizza (we shared this… OMG):

Handmade dark chocolate peanut butter cups:

And then lunch was farm-style… this never disappoints.

Gabe made bread (again, OMG) for sandwiches of pastrami, fresh mozz, and mizuna (greens):

Fresh picked salad greens, lightly dressed in balsamic, olive oil, salt and pepper:

Making Ma her favorite shrimp/asparagus pasta toss for dinner! I’ll be gym’ing first thing in the AM.


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