Family Easter Brunch

To prepare for the spectacle of food and drink that attacked us at Trevor and Bronwyn’s Family Easter Brunch this afternoon, I went to the gym for two classes this morning. The first was a step/lifting class. This was another new one for me, and I liked it a lot… I even managed to stay upright and not trip over the step and/or fall on my face. The second was a Chrisanthi spin class. No matter how comfortable I get at spin, her class always kicks my booty. Time to eat? I think so.

Yeah, so I didn’t count points for this stuff. The good: I ate lots of greens and my bloody mary was FILLED with veggies. And I used a small plate… that’s gotta count for something, right? The bad: I accidentally had a mimosa after my bloody mary. And I ate too much cake.

Ok, the menu: Salad with peanut/ginger dressing, Pablano/Potato/Corn Gratin, broccoli/cheese strata, rice with beans and cilantro, nutty cheese spread with crackers, elk sausage, sweet bacon, cinnamon rolls, bloody mary bar (with shrimp!), mimosa bar, fresh strawberries, angel food cake with whipped cream and fresh berries (my contribution).

Bloody bar:

Classiest apron in town:

I’d love to post more pics of my wonderful friends eating this amazing food, but my computer is attempting to crash right now. Best look into this. You may or may not see me tomorrow. Love you!


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