Seattle girls weekend

Just back from another one-nighter in Seattle. This trip was in honor of Halley, which means we shopped. There is a good possibility that Juanita and I ended up with sparkly gold shoes. YES!!

After a full Saturday afternoon of downtowning, we returned to Juanita’s to find an outdoor dinner party, courtesy of hubby Brenden and his turkey-frying pals. The turkey (fried in veggie oil for 45 minutes), roasted veggies, homemade bread and salad made a perfectly balanced and healthy dinner. And their cute kids and blooming scenery didn’t hurt either. I could get used to this.

My biggest accomplishment of the weekend was forcing a gym workout early this morning before our brunch outing. Brunch was way more fun. We ate at St. Clouds, and I had an omelet with roasted pineapple inside. Best thing ever!!

Big time gratitude to Juanita, Brenden, Iris and Hazel for hosting us… One month until I head north again for more family time!


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