Sushi Okalani

So you know the creepy single gal in the tiny, dimly lit sushi bar taking pictures of her food? Well, I try to avoid being that person, which means I did not take any pictures of my meal tonight. This normally would not be such a big deal, but it happened to be some of THE BEST SUSHI I’VE EVER HAD. When visiting Hood River, you must eat at Sushi Okalani… completely worth the 50 minute drive from Portland.

My menu: Miso soup (slurped, not spooned), sunomono (cucumber salad), yellowtail nigiri (raw tuna on rice), unagi nigiri (warm, gooey eel on rice), spicy tuna hand roll, Thai salmon hand roll (best thing I’ve eaten in ages: Chunked raw salmon with cilantro, scallions and sweet/spicy Thai sauce).

Not too sure on the WW points for all this, but it can’t be that bad. Rice and fish, people, rice and fish! Get some!

Activity: Hotel gym workout. 25 minute uphill, fast treadmill walk and 10 minutes on the recumbent bike @ heavy resistance. Followed by 50 push ups and 100+ crunches. And lots of dog walking.

And finally my new food find! Only 1 WW point per bar. (This is not natural in anyway. But when you crave some over processed sugars and corn syrup, check these bad boys out!) Safeway’s Eating Right brand 100 calorie snack bars:

They have lots of fiber, and they come in at least four flavors. Peanut butter is the way to go, though.

***Check back for a new recipe tomorrow night, courtesy of Jamie A and her soup cookbook.


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