An appetizer to be eaten with chopsticks

This was my food mission for tonight’s dinner party at gluten-free Ben’s house. And like the fool that I am, I mistakenly poured soy sauce all over the goods, which happens to be full of gluten. Sorry, Ben! No one has actually eaten this yet, but it’s easy and fairly fool proof, so I think you should trust me and make your own version. Let me know how it goes!

Cold Tofu Salad

Start by pressing a block of firm tofu for 30 minutes and then cut into cubes. Chop and blanch (quick boil, shock in cold water) some carrot and asparagus (broccoli would be good, too). Make a dressing with rice wine vinegar, lime juice, grated ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce. Mix blanched veggies, tofu and dressing together with two sliced scallions and a seeded/sliced cucumber. Garnish with sesame seeds (not pictured).

Great workout today! 30 intense minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of lifting and abs and other painful movements.

And…. Amanda and I bought new bike helmets! I’m taking this workout party outside ASAP!


3 thoughts on “An appetizer to be eaten with chopsticks

  1. Yeah! Nothing beats an old-fashioned bike ride! I’ve been hauling 30 lbs. of Axel behind me on mine- awesome workout! Maybe you should get a bike trailer for Lucy?

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