Fancy steamed kale

No better way to follow up a CRAZY night in Seattle than with lots of veggies from Pike’s Market. Ty, Jeremy and I stopped there on our way out of town this morning. It is really one of my happiest places. To balance last night’s *fun* I made a big bowl of steamed kale when I got home this afternoon.

Saute: Grated ginger and garlic in sesame oil. Add chopped mushrooms, red pepper and scallions and saute a few more minutes. Add a whole head of chopped kale, dried cranberries and some veggie broth. Steam/saute for 5-7 minutes. Serve with hot sauce!

The food I ate in Seattle wasn’t all that noteworthy, healthy or photogenic, so I’ll spare you the details. And the karaoke pics are just too ridic.

Tonight: Gym (this may kill me), homework, work project, sleeeeeeeeeeeep


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