Seattle, round one

Another double shot of Seattle this week. Love it! Bridesmaid dress shopping, eating, sightseeing… all in 4 hours! I’m beat but am powering on to a spin class in a few minutes… Tomorrow is weigh-in day; let’s hope the outcome is more palatable this week.

After navigating through the U District to our lunch destination, I realized Megan, Nell and I ate at the same spot a couple years ago. The Sunlight Cafe serves lots o’ veggie/vegan/gluten-free fare. Yes, please!

My tofu salad with lemon-tahini dressing:

Sara’s avo/cheese sandwich (major thumbs up to the abundance of sprouts this place uses):

Gas Works Park:


One thought on “Seattle, round one

  1. Kel – is this the park we went to when we were in Seattle? It is so beautiful there!I’m so anxious to be in Oregon again!!! Will there be TONS AND TONS of flowers? My first visit in the SPRING!! Simply CANNOT wait!!!

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