Future food and Canadian food

Sun exhaustion. Woke up at 6:30am to workout before an amazing day of work, farming (planting day!), and dinner-partying. I’m totally maxed out from the blasting sunshine… love freckle season!

We planted five rows today! Seeds!

Seeds we planted, off the top of my head: Cilantro, dill, carrots, radishes, turnips, beets, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, brussel sprouts, chickpeas (black and yellow), lentils, peas. And more, I just can’t remember right now.

Daffodils picked for Sara:

And then Sara threw a Canadian dinner party. This reminds me to tell you about Day 7 of Vegan Week. First of all, most traditional Canadian cuisine is not healthy or vegan. I made roasted potatoes and asparagus to assure myself that I’d have something to eat amidst the chaos. And then Amanda showed up and made Nanaimo bars (with butter) that I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO TRY. Not a bad way to go out 🙂 Overall, though, I really enjoyed the week of reading ingredient labels and creative cooking. Looking forward to adopting some sort of vegan-based food focus. More on that later… For now here are some food pics. Oh, Canada.

Canadian bacon with cranberry (Nicole):

Poutine, french fries in gravy (Dana):

Salmon burgers (Sara):

Nanaimo bar (Amanda, you should be very proud of yourself):

My dinner, grilled portobello and roasted veggies:

Other food not subjected to poor photography: Mac and cheese (Lexie), PB&Js (James), and Pigs in Blankets (Trevor).



One thought on “Future food and Canadian food

  1. All of your seeds will be up and growing by the time I arrive. I’m sure it will be time to do some gentle hoeing! Hope I get to get my fingers in the soil!!Can’t WAIT to be on the farm again!!! I’m bringing jeans and sweatshirts!

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