Saveur Magazine

A lovely surprise was waiting for me when I got home from Seattle the other day: A Valentine box of foodie goodies from my Aunt Devin. An antique silver set (originally owned by my Great Grandpa and Grandma Nielsen), dish towels, books and back issues of Saveur and Cook’s Illustrated magazines. I threw the mags in my Sunriver bag and have been drooling over them all morning. The food photography in Saveur is outstanding, putting my other subscriptions to shame.

One of their dishes I plan to recreate when I get home (perhaps for my appetizer party next weekend):

Pan Con Tomate

I LOVE beautiful food photography! Thank you so much, Auntie Dev!

As for Sunriver, our house is massive with a hot tub on the back deck overlooking the mountains. Amanda and I wandered around the village earlier, and now we’re about to head to the lava fields to hike and explore. We’re working out at the gym before dinner, and then… EGGPLANT LASAGNA!


2 thoughts on “Saveur Magazine

  1. Happy Valentines Day Kel. I just finished watching Julie and Julia and remembered that you had a food blog, so finally looked it up. It is awesome and I am going to make the Thai soup that Megan had requested tonight. Although I don’t know if my supermarket stocks any thai spices…

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