Spinach Fettucini

Almost forgot about the pasta I made her for her bday gift… SPINACH FETTUCINI! This was way easier to deal with than the ravioli. All pasta should be flavored. Sweet potato, jalapeno/lime and egg-free (for Amanda) will make an appearance in the near future…

There seem to be a few different methods to making pasta dough, but I prefer to just throw it all on the counter and do it all by hand. The dough is simple: Food process 1/2 box frozen spinach (cooked, cooled, drained) and 4 eggs. Add that mixture to 4 cups of flour. Work it together and knead it for at least 10 minutes. Add water if too dry and flour if too wet.

Off to the coast tomorrow for work; Lucy and I are going to live it up and play outside as much as the weather allows. AND one of my all time favorite restaurants ever is in Florence, so there will be a review on Wednesday night.

No weigh-in this week since I don’t get home until Thursday and there isn’t a WW meeting out there on Wed nights.


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