Ezekial Wraps

Another current obsession: Ezekial Wraps. They’re made with lentils and barley and brown rice and all this crazy healthy stuff. They are pretty hearty, so fill ’em up with anything. I sauteed cherry tomatoes and zucchini in some olive oil with balsamic and wrapped it with greens and a little feta.

I predict an uneventful dinner, probably just broccoli and a sweet potato with some sour cream and hot sauce. This afternoon: Finish working, workout @ the gym, choir practice.


2 thoughts on “Ezekial Wraps

  1. I am amazed everyday at the wonderful new things you make. I really should try making some of them eh? Miss you like crazy. Keep smiling and singing. Love you!

  2. Yes, Keri. You should start cooking… maybe you do want an apron afterall? I have to say, it’s a little weird that you don’t have one yet. Let’s get Phyllis on that, stat!

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