For those not in-the-know with Weight Watchers lingo, an NSV is a “non-scale victory.”   For example, I fit into my very first pair of size twelve pants this week!!!!!!  (You should have seen my old size 26 pants… yikes.)   I mentioned the clothing exchange on Sunday, right?  Well, that was the first time in my life I’ve been able to participate in one of those because I’ve never been able to swap clothes with friends before… Sad to think of what I’ve missed over the years, but it’s exciting to consider how different things are now and how much better they will get.  Currently, as I pace and freak out about tonight’s weigh-in, I am reminding myself of the progress I’m seeing regardless of what the scale says.

Today has been great- work and workout (50 min spin, biceps, triceps).  This afternoon- river fun with the dogs, Sara and Mandy.  And then WW of course.  Tonight-  dinner with roomies and homework.

I think Missy has a plan for eggplant and polenta tonight.  Aren’t we so excited?!


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