Sara’s SLR!!

I have a guest camera right now – Sara’s SLR.  My life is already better.  Not only did she give me a crash course in photography, but she also taught me how to use her camera, let me borrow it (!!)  AND she made me dinner.  Holy smokes, am I lucky or WHAT?!  For at least a week you can expect much better photography on the blog.  This warms my heart.

Sara grilled veggies and made a pasta/risotto side dish.  I picked up a tasty multi-grain bread and dessert treat from Petite Provence (my fave bakery on Alberta Street).  And there was wine.  Heck yes.


6 thoughts on “Sara’s SLR!!

  1. and even more lucky for me….i got to invite myself over and enjoy the wonderful company of 3 beautiful women and fill my belly with wine and eats.

  2. Must come for dinner too!!! Remind me not to look at the pictures on your blog when I am at work and it is still 2 hours until dinner.

    I will wear my apron I promise, and cook up a little pu pu to boot.

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