I heart airport food?

Not only do I have a favorite restaurant in the Denver airport (some French bakery with amazing salads and sandwiches), but now I have one at MSP as well!  I think it’s called 360 Burrito or something like that… and they make fresh food right in front of you.  I got a salad with pan seared veggies sauteed in Thai sauce with cilanto-garlic dressing on the side. Better than Subway?  Yes.

I just took a cab home in some seriously lame-o weather.  Snowy rain is not my favorite.  I’m currently sitting in the living room in my winter coat and boots waiting for our house to climb up to a normal temp after being heatless for ten days.   The place is empty, and I can not wait to fill it with food, pups and pals this week.  Come visit!


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