Not a fan…

…of leaving my family today.  Since I have a full day planned with parents and packing and then travel, I’m skipping the gym.  I did double duty yesterday and will spin tomorrow before I weigh in.  I don’t feel well and I already miss my mama.  Ugh.

The menu today will probably be Subway subs for lunch and dinner.  No picture needed for that…

24 hours until I pick up my doggie!!!


5 thoughts on “Not a fan…

  1. Love you! Have a safe trip home. I love this blog. It makes up for not having facebook. Do you mind if I leave you little messages here?

  2. I’m blessed to have both of you in my life! I love seeing Keri with each of my girls! Two completely different combos…interesting and fun is their own ways!

  3. kel, have a safe trip home and you will be missed alot. sorry that i didn’t get to say good bye before you left. that’s for the picture from Christmas-i am printing right now as i am typing- have a great new year and don’t celebrate to much thursday night. love and miss you already

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