Desserts are mandatory

And my Mama knows how to do it right.  She made this tasty apple crisp today… suffice it to say it’s almost gone.  She included your typical crisp fare: apples, oats, butter, brown sugar and lemon juice.  Her secret ingredient was a full cup of walnuts.  Good thing I don’t live here!!  This house is dripping in all things baked and sugary.  I served myself about 1/3 of a cup tonight in an oversized shot glass and topped it with a couple tablespoons of my Pa’s homemade ice cream.  Then I ate it in about 19 seconds.  (Note to self: slow down and actually taste what you’re eating.)


4 thoughts on “Desserts are mandatory

  1. I just reviewed this and it made me hungry! I had extra milk to use up so I made a 4 egg custard!! I should have used artificial sweetner instead of the 1/4 cup real deal….but I did use 2% milk. Good vanilla is the special touch to this dessert! ALMOST helathy…like breakfast!! Wish I had my two (three?) girls here to share!!

  2. My New Year’s Resolution….STOP baking goodies for friends and family… give everyone a chance to stick to their NY resolutions too!

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