Surprise Ribs

Well things sure got all crazy-like after my last post.  The fam was surprised to find Chicago’s famous Carson’s ribs at our doorstep.  What pork roast?  We’re eating ribs! Surprise!  Thanks to Herb for sending them our way.  And thankfully Keri came over to help the chow process.  I promised  myself that if I could hold it to ONLY TWO TINY RIBS then I could indulge a bit more tomorrow after I weigh-in.  Mission accomplished.  Oh, and I only ate about 1/3 of a baked potato.  Even though I didn’t count WW points for this meal, I’m pretty confident that I made the best decisions possible.   That’s what life is all about right?  Even the small decisions can make a big difference.

Ok, here’s the sitch with my weekly weigh-in…

Every Wednesday I go to a Weight Watchers meeting where I have my weight tracked.  I typically don’t stay for the meetings because I’m a busy gal and don’t want to take the time (note to self: start staying for the meetings and stop making excuses!).  So basically by Sunday or Monday I start eating a bit lighter, start counting WW points and stop drinking much alcohol.  Well that’s the theory anyway.  By Tuesday I try to be as hardcore as possible so I’ll have a successful weigh-in the next day.  Does this always work?  No.  Do I freak out when I gain?  Not really.   Weighing myself holds me accountable and encourages me to think lighter for a couple days of the week.  This is NOT a scale obsession, but I’ve found it’s one of the only ways I can keep myself focused for the long-term.   Now you see why ribs on Tuesday night isn’t my favorite choice 🙂


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