Plan for the day

A busy one!  Good to keep me occupied before weigh-in tonight.  BTW, there is a WW meeting here in Ripon at the exact same time tonight I usually go in Portland.  How perfect.  I’m not stoked about using a different scale, but I think that’s more superstition than anything.   *But you know if I gain I’m going to blame it on the scale, right?

Today:  Finished aprons, gym, shop downtown with Grandma, dinner with family (pork feast, take 2), hang with old pals.

About to go workout-

20 minute elliptical, crunches, squat/lifts, biceps, push-ups, 25 minutes spin bike, 1 mile treadmill walk

I am feeling lighter this week; cross your fingers!!!


4 thoughts on “Plan for the day

  1. Last night was the best. The wonderful food, wonderful gifts and wonderful company. I left your house feeling so loved and totally grateful to have all of you. Have a good weigh in, and let me know how it goes. Thanks again for being you. Love, me

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