Need a gift for a foodie?

As I was making the butternut squash soup (which turned out not to be worth the effort), I decided to try something I’ve been thinking about for awhile:  Parmesan Cheese Crisps.  After I pulled my first successful batch and decorated our dinner salads with them, I realized they would also make a fabulous gift for my Grandma’s wine and cheese party box (the best kind of box, really).

Ok, now this is about as easy as it gets.  Finely grate parm cheese and drop spoonfuls of it onto a pan (sprayed with oil) and bake it at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes or so.  Put crisps in a pretty bag and there you have it.  The perfect gift for a foodie and under five bucks.

Crisps in the oven:

Crisps in decorative Christmas bag:

They were quite lovely on our salads.  As for the butternut squash, I did not have a decent veggie peeler, so I roasted the halves rather than follow a similar recipe for the Carrot/Sweet Potato soup I posted a few days ago (that one calls for simmering the veggies, not roasting).  I kind of under roasted them, so it was a bit grainy. It’s not really worth regurgitating the process to you all, so I’m going to pass on telling you my made-up recipe.  I’ll eat the leftovers, but Ma wasn’t such a fan.  Totally understandable. Here are the goods:

Gym update:  I accomplished all of the workout goals I set for myself this morning and even added a few extras in the mix.  The highlight of the experience was the fire drill that went down in the middle of my mile walk.  The gym in Ripon is in the hospital so everyone available for the drill assembled in a corner of a hallway near the ER.  Not what I was expecting to do today… but a lovely random happenstance nonetheless.


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