Salmon wraps

A major thank you to my ma’s assistant, Jim.  This past summer he gave me a can of salmon that he caught and canned…  I forgot to use it then, so I was happy to see it when I got home last night.  Canned salmon is not something I eat a lot of, but I do eat tuna frequently, so I decided to prepare it the same healthy way.  If you’re addicted to tuna and mayo, try this lighter method:

canned tuna or salmon

chop a handful of the following:  Onion, celery, green pepper, parsley (or anything else you have to get rid of)

juice and zest of one lemon

salt and pepper

Mix this together and serve it on a wrap.   If the wrap is big enough, add some spinach for extra bulk and healthiness.

You can also make this with left over grilled or baked salmon.  (Oh, and my friend Stacy was just raving about poached salmon… I’ll report back on that after I try it.)

My ma, who claims to NOT like salmon, LOVED this recipe!  And BTW, I count this as a 5 Weight Watchers points.  Not bad for something so filling!


One thought on “Salmon wraps

  1. This was truly the freshest tasting wrap I’ve ever enjoyed! Kelly has a good chance of motivating me to get healthier. For those of you who know Kelly – you know how passionate she can be … and how persistent she can be as well! Gotta love her!

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