Planning for holiday break

“I’ll start to eat healthy again after the holidays.”  I hate when I hear myself saying that!  Anyone else?!  This is what I’m going to do to stay focused while in Wisco for the next ten days.

1. Weigh in on Wednesday… even if I can’t go to a meeting to do it, I need to do it.

2. Start my days with bananas and peanut butter and yogurt, just like I do during my average day.  I know there will be way more fun things to eat and drink during the evenings, no need to go crazy from the get-go.

3. Go to the gym daily.  My sis gave me her old pass.  There is a spin bike there.  I have no excuses.

I think these are reasonable expectations.  Nothing different from what I already do… but learning how to do it in different environments is something I’ve always struggled with.  Now my promises to myself are now promises to you. THAT feels so good.

And on that note, I’m sitting in the Denver airport right now missing my sister (she lives 2 hours from here) but am super super super excited to see my parents in Appleton in three hours.   Love.


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